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Saturday, Dec 29, 2012 0 comment(s)

AMMACH Reports with Dr Judy Wood - Part 1

AMMACH: On the Road Series

Intro by Miles Johnston, Stressing the Dangers
We All Face From the Enemy within
Our Ranks

AMMACH Reports with Dr Judy Wood - Part 1

December 20, 2012

In the 3rd of 3 important interviews, this first section with Joanne Summerscales and Dr Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson is a highly detailed feature on Wood's book, Where Did The Towers Go? Viewers are advised to see the 1st two interviews to get the full benefit of this technical interview. (See below for the addresses of the previous videos).

The 1st being Anne Hess's interview at the Breakthrough Energy Conference, the 2nd being Bases 12 with Andrew Johnson, and this two section feature with "Ammach: On The Road."

Intro by Miles Johnston, stressing the dangers we all face from the enemy within our ranks.

This video series is best viewed in the following order:





Recorded live at Northampton University, in late 2012


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