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Friday, Dec 7, 2012 0 comment(s)

Slavery By Consent

"Every War in past 50 Years is a Result
of Media Lies" - Julian Assange

Slavery By Consent

Published by MrLads13
March 29, 2012

Snippet of the transcript from the film's narration:

"A common misconception is that any rule or regulation that governs them falls under one category: Law

"But there are many other forms of law that people abide by without realizing that they simply do not apply to them.

"Another misconception is that a nation's constitution gives us our rights. A constitution does nothing more than list the rights that we already have. We are born with inalienable rights, endowed to us by our Creator. They are not given to us and they cannot be given away. The most a person can do with a right is to choose to exercise it or not."


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