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Sunday, Sep 2, 2012 0 comment(s)

The First Family of Satanism: Anton LaVey's Daughter

Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck, Founder of the Werewolf Coven

Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth?

The First Family of Satanism: Anton LaVey's Daughter

Alexandra Bruce
October 6, 2012

The most astonishing thing about this interview here is how boring and seemingly "normal" the behavior of these dread worshipers of Satan appears to be...hairdos, make-up and missing ears, notwithstanding...


Published by HeavenClear
April 24, 2012

Can you see the parallels between satanism and darwinism? For those who sympathize with satanism and who think these 2 ppl here are "nice" ppl: please listen very very carefully what they are saying and then run and research what the "new world order" is about - who promotes it - all worshippers of satan/lucifer in secret societies like there are to mention only a few of millions in the "elite": obama, bush, the pope, the vatican, jay z & beyonce. and, do you know what their plans are for OUR future?? depopulation of billions of people who will not bow down to their coming one-world-religion, who will refuse to bow down to lucifer. turn to Jesus, this is no joke!! research and prove everything, it is very serious and we are soon be facing critical times - all humanity!! for those in false religions, atheists and those who are even "only mentally" in a cult: get out and turn to Jesus - get to know the real truth - because what you don´t know: this is all predicted in the Bible for the end times before Jesus Christ return in his second coming. and what you might not know: 1/3 of the Bible are prophecies - all come true until now exactly as God let it written down. the last few prophecies are going to become real for sure as these days show already we live in. they are making war against the lamb! that lamb is Jesus Christ. research it!!!!!!!! the point is: they are ruling the whole world - their god satan still has little time to rule this world but the real God will soon take over and if you turn to him he will show you who is responsible for everything humanity has suffered ever since! all the wars, the hunger, the killings - they accuse God and Christians but the "christians" they accuse are in fact the same devil-worshippers as they are - all these religions that have blood on their hands are not from God and godly people have always suffered the biggest persecution from them! they´re all freemasons, illuminatists, templars, devil-worshippers. videos I´d like to recommend: "lamp in the dark" untold history of the bible / and "arrival of anti-christ" doc marquis / and "enemy of christ" (dallywally72). God bless you, he loves you and he even paid the full price to redeem YOU. satan was always a liar, a murderer and there is no light in him, though he masquarades as "the angel of light" - the true God Almighty cannot lie (Titus 1:2). And: though they have really poor attitudes: I´ll pray for these two young people here - may they realize how blind they were and how wrong!


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